Christmas Lighting Safety Tips

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and yet each Christmas, approximately 350 people in the UK are injured by putting up their Christmas tree lights. Don’t risk ruining your festive holiday by following our simple Christmas lighting safety tips this season:

Safe storage

Remember last January when you packed up your tree lights and stored them in the loft for next year? Due care isn’t always taken when packing decorations away so make sure there are no frayed leads or broken connectors when you bring them out again, especially if they haven’t been stored neatly.

No overloading

You might have multiple sets of lights that you want to use but overloaded sockets can result in overheating, electric shocks and short-circuiting.

Outdoor lights

If you’re planning on decorating the outside of your house with Christmas lights, they must be low voltage to cope with the cold winter weather; ideally 12v or 24v and cables should never be fed through doors or windows.

Nighttime shutdown

Your tree might look lovely but leaving lights on overnight leaves you at risk of an electrical fire; always remember to shut down before bedtime and switch all lights off at the socket itself.

Replace old lights with new ones

If you’ve had your Christmas lights for a number of years, it might be worth investing in some new ones. Just make sure you only buy from reputable outlets and make sure any lights bought have the European Standard CE mark.

From all of us at Cooper Weston, we wish you a very merry Christmas!

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