How to make your office more energy efficient

Plug socket in office

With modern technology taking over most of our day to day lives, it’s no wonder that office electric bills are soaring and energy consumption is on the rise. More of us are switching on computers, printers, lights and phone chargers than ever; despite regular warnings in the media that we need to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

One of the main culprits in increasing commercial consumption is office lighting: often offering harsh, bright and artificial light with many workplaces boasting an array of bulbs and fittings. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a lamp’s lifetime can be significantly extended by using LED bulbs; just one small change that could make your office more energy efficient overall. Here’s some key ways you can make your office more environmentally friendly and less energy consumptive:

Switch to LED

Changing your office lightbulbs to energy saving LED products could extend your light’s lifetime by more than 15,000 hours (based on a 2.5 hour usage per day). This could save you money and subsequently reduce the amount of energy that your office is expending. This simple swap could be all it takes to make your workplace more environmentally friendly. Why not book your office in for an Energy Saving Assesment? We know that saving energy is imperative to modern business and our free assessments could help you realise where to make cuts and where to improve your energy efficiency.

Turn off more

We’re all guilty of leaving the office in the evening having left our computers on, lights on, phone chargers plugged in: it’s a modern day habit. But switching off a bit more could save you money and help save the planet. Did you know that powering down your PC at the end of the day could reduce its energy use by more than 80%? Imagine if everyone in the office did the same thing. The same goes for lights: make sure that you’re switching them off when they’re not needed and you could be pleasantly surprised with next month’s electricity bill.

Invest in double glazing

During the colder months, a huge amount of heat is lost through your windows; a matter made worse if you’ve not invested in double glazing. This, in turn, means you end up ramping up the heating to keep warm and therefore increasing your bills. Plus, it’s not doing the environment any good. Changing all your windows might seem likely a costly job but it’s worth the money in the long run.

Keep on top of your checks

It’s important to regularly have any electrical products used in the office checked from a health and safety perspective. Said checks might reveal any items that aren’t working properly or efficiently, meaning you’ll need to replace them with electrical products more suited to low energy consumption. Cooper Weston offer Electrical Maintenance services to ensure any portable or fixed equipment is safe, efficient and cost effective.


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