Luxury lighting for home remodelling

Whether you’ve lived in your property for a number of years and are after a refresh or you’ve recently bought a house that needs some TLC, remodelling your home is a fantastic way to bring life back to the property and give it a fresh lease of life. At Cooper Weston, we’ve helped on many remodelling projects over the years and know the importance of luxury lighting when it comes to giving your home that extra wow factor.

Being energy efficient and environmentally friendly doesn’t have to mean ugly, basic light fixtures. Our team have years of experience at installing breathtaking, stunning lighting solutions that also help to reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s some top ways you can achieve luxury lighting during your home remodel:

First impressions in the hallway

As the opening scene to your home, your hallway is a great place to start when considering luxury lighting solutions. Not only does the space give your guests their first impression of your remodelled dwelling, it’s what welcomes you back after a long day in the office or running after the family. Softer lighting is on trend to help generate that warm, welcoming atmosphere and eye-catching hanging pendants, or even chandeliers, can not only make your hallway contemporary but help to accentuate ceiling height. Mirrors help too: they make a hallway appear spacious and reflect the light to give an overall satisfying introduction to your home.

Relax in the lounge

Whether you’re entertaining guests or putting your feet up, your lounge is undoubtedly one of the most importance spaces in the home; so lighting shouldn’t be overlooked. You’ll ideally want to foster a calm, relaxing atmosphere that’s versatile depending on your needs. Dimmer switches are a great place to start and mean you can adjust the lounge’s lighting according to the occasion: if you’re hosting a movie night then a lower light is necessary but for family gatherings, you may way to ramp it up a tad. Floor standing lamps always help to give that extra bit of light and can become a feature all by themselves, particularly if you choose a particularly contemporary or dramatic lampshade. It’s all about versatility in the lounge.

Entertaining in the dining room

Another room in your remodelled home that requires versatile luxury lighting, the dining room has a multitude of uses and therefore needs a variety of lighting fixtures to suit the mood. Overhead lighting, such as a striking pendant or elegant chandelier, are essential for your food to be the center of attention whilst supporting lighting such as table lamps or a dimmer switch help to create that all important ambiance for later on. Your dining room is less about the cosy lighting options and more about the drama so don’t be afraid to be daring when it comes to picking your perfect lighting.

Preparing in the kitchen

Undoubtedly the most functional yet busy room in the house, your kitchen is likely the epicentre of your remodelled home. Therefore, putting ample thought into the lighting to suit your luxury kitchen is essential. Spotlights are a fantastic contemporary option, favoured by many, and can bring an element of class and modernity to your space. Place them under cupboards for additional lighting or even along the floor to give that extra wow factor. For even more glamour, install lights into cupboards with a glass-front door to show off your best crockery or glassware. It’s always good to consider a plethora of lighting options for the kitchen to give you plenty of options when it comes to how you want your kitchen to appear, depending on the time of day and the occasion.

Switching off in the bedrooms

Perhaps the first word that springs to mind when we talk about luxury lighting in your bedroom is ‘calming’. Indeed, you want to make sure that any lighting features installed in either the master suite or any guest rooms offer a relaxing atmosphere that allow you to switch off from the hectic day. You can’t have too many lights in a bedroom: it’s best to cover all corners and install overhead, wall mounted and floor standing lamps to give you options. Dimmer switches again are useful so that you can adjust the lighting according to whether you’re getting up and ready for the day or reading at night. Mirrors will further accentuate the space as will lights in wardrobes or cupboards to not only help you find that favourite item of clothing but give your bedroom that extra special touch of luxury.

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