The importance of electrical maintenance

Cooper Weston maintenance on data cables

Electrical maintenance may not be at the top of everyone’s to-do list and you might not think regular electrical maintenance, whether at home or at your workplace, is important. You could be forgiven for thinking that after having brand new lighting, electrical equipment or cabling installed, there was nothing more to do be done and you could move on to your next project.

However, regular electrical maintenance on any portable or fixed equipment, from lights to fire alarms to whole data networking solutions, is essential not only for health and safety reasons but to ensure you’re getting good value for money.

Here’s a few key reasons to ensure you’re investing in regular electrical maintenance at your business or property:

Safer environment

Whether you’re a domestic landlord, a home or a business owner, regular electrical maintenance can ensure a safer environment and minimises risk of any substantial damage from faulty electrical products. The European Agency for Health & Safety at Work claims that faulty electrical installations such as cables, plugs and equipment are the main causes of hazards in the workplace and, according to the most recent data, around 28 fatal electrocutions and electrical burns occur every year. Keeping your equipment and lighting fully maintained significantly reduces this risk and allows for any faults to be caught and fixed early on.

Reduced insurance costs

This is a key point, particularly for business owners; many insurance companies will insist on regular PAT testing before offering you cover. PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) is when electrical appliances and equipment are examined to ensure optimal safety. Visual examination is often an essential factor but PAT is not needed for brand new equipment which should be supplied in a safe condition straight away. Whilst there’s no strict guidelines as to how often your electrical appliances should be checked and tested, and it’s not compulsory by law, it’s recommended they’re maintained as often as possible. It will keep your insurers happy and in turn, could result in a reduced insurance offer.

Less time spent in repair

By regularly checking and testing your electrical equipment, any faults or defects can be identified quickly, meaning less time, and potentially money, when it comes to repair. If you’re a business owner, ensuring you’re keeping up with electrical maintenance could also mean less downtime when things go wrong – no having to send staff home when their PCs or your network goes down. Or, if you’re a homeowner, you could look to save a fair amount of money by spotting flaws sooner rather than later when any faults might be unfixable.

Professional, expert advice

It’s imperative that any electrical maintenance performed, whether at home or in the office, is done so by a professional, trained expert. The maintenance itself can be a dangerous initiative and carries high risk and so using a skilled, experienced professional means you’re guaranteed safe and sound maintenance. What’s more, regular maintenance can provide you with expert advice and top tips on keeping your electrical equipment in great shape and form.

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