Brighten up your outdoor space this summer

Outdoor garden lighting

With summer well and truly upon us, there’s never been a better time to give your outdoor space a revamp. With longer, lighter evenings and plenty of socialising on the cards, ensuring your garden or patio space has adequate, atmospheric lighting is hugely important; you’ll not only want to spend more time outdoors enjoying your sapce but you could save time too.

Here are Cooper Weston’s top tips to brighten up your outdoor space this summer in a cost effective, simple way:

LED Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor globe lighting

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing your outdoor lighting is using LED and energy efficient lighting throughout. Not only do they last longer and are therefore much more cost-effective but they’re more environmentally friendly too. Solar-charged lights are also a great alternative if you’re looking to minimise your carbon footprint whilst redesigning your outdoor space. Most suppliers offer an LED option so you shouldn’t struggle to find a design and solution to suit your outdoor space.

Recessed Paving and Decking Lights

Outdoor decking lighting

A popular way to light an outdoor space is to make use of any paving and decking already installed, notably with recessed lights that won’t intrude on your space but provide fantastic atmosphere. Whilst they won’t provide enough lighting on their own for dining al-fresco or hosting BBQ’s late at night, they do provide a lovely glow to your garden whilst doubling up as a safety measure, particularly if you have a set of steps or tricky terrain that needs highlighting.

Outdoor Downlights

Outdoor downlighting in garden

The best option for an overall brighter garden in the evenings. down-lighting is a popular choice for many and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Make your garden more welcoming and well-lit with outdoor LED downlights that can range from modern wall lights and features to functional floodlights. These are perfect for those looking to dine outside, host summer garden parties or just really soak up those long, warm nights for as long as possible.

Water Features

Outdoor pond lighting

If your garden boasts a pond or water feature of sorts, why not make it a highlight by installing some underwater strip or spot lighting? Water features on their own are stunning but can get lost after dark; a problem simply solved with adequate lighting. Stun your guests or enjoy the calming, tranquil effects of your water feature this summer with some simple lanterns or spotlights within the water feature itself.


Outdoor ground mounted lighting

Much like highlighting the beauty of a water feature, why not make the most of any plants or trees in your garden this summer? From trendy uplights to illuminate a striking tree or garden bed to string lights displayed in your favourite shrub, it can really help to illuminate your garden and show off its best bits. Top tip: plants soak up a lot of light and so lights that are ground mounted are the best option.

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