The warning signs – When to call commercial electrical contractors

In the UK workplace roughly 1000 accidents are reported each year involving electric shocks or burns to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Unfortunately, around 30 of these end up being fatal.

These statistics are a strong reminder that maintaining your electrical system is extremely important, both for business owners and employees as everyone has a right to safety as they work. While certain issues can be obvious and caught by sight, it can be hard to decide when an electrician is needed, either for maintenance or emergency fixes.

Here are some of the most important warning signs that every business owner should be aware of and how you can know when to call a commercial electrician:

The Warning signs

Electrical shocks

One major indication that your electrical system could be a hazard is electric shocks. If you touch an appliance and feel a minor shock this could mean there is an electrical wiring problem. Small shocks can be harmless, so don’t panic; simply get in touch and have a professional review the wiring and come up with a solution.

Strange sounds and smells

Often worn wires can result in strange noises if the problem is causing currents to skip. Additionally unusual smells can come from outlets. If you notice this or someone reports it, you’re advised to stop using the outlets as it is a massive indication of an electrical problem. Whilst this may seem drastic as most employees will be working with PCs, it’s much safer than continuing to work.

Flickering Lights/Circuit tripping

If your lights are flickering this could be a sign that your circuits need to be assessed and improvements may need to be made to prevent these problems happening again in the future. Similarly if your circuits are constantly tripping this may be a sign that they’re overloading and are drawing more electrical current than they can provide.

Rust is slowly taking over

If you begin to notice rust or moisture under your main service panel this is a definite sign something is going wrong. Deterioration at the panel threatens the main wiring connections within and could indicate similar problems throughout your electrical system. The longer you leave rust, the more expensive and time consuming the solution, so act quickly.

Blown fuses

Noticing blown fuses when you use an outlet? Without a doubt there is a problem and you should contact us straight away. Blown fuses mean that the link has melted within and they cannot be used again. If this occurs, stop using the outlet. You may be able to advise an electrician on the type of fuse before they arrive but for safety, don’t try to replace yourself.

You’re running extension cords under the carpets

Running extension cords under carpets can be one of the worst electrical hazards in a workplace. First of all, they are easy to trip over and no one wants that embarrassment or risk of injury in the office. Secondly, extensions cords and wires are not something that should be constantly stepped on as it wears away the protective materials.

If you’re worried about any of these issues, do not hesitate to contact us straight away. At Cooper Weston we deal with installation, repair and maintenance of electrical works in commercial buildings and are able to resolve workplace issues in a timely and safe manner, minimising disruption to your working environment.

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