Why businesses should choose hardwired solutions over wireless


The way we access our information in the modern day is incredible and in the last decade especially, our methods of staying connected have drastically changed. Using wires and cables to connect to the web has become a thing of the past and everyone at home and at work has an intense ‘need’ for WiFi; it’s fast, practical and easy to use.

Indeed, “What’s your WiFi password?” has become a phrase we’re all familiar with. However, although this phenomenon is easy to use and enables employees and visitors to connect personal devices to a network quickly, it comes with an equal amount of disadvantages. For commercial enterprises and businesses, wired solutions should always win over wireless.

What is a wired connection?

A wired connection may not be something you hear very often, so let’s recap. A wired network connects devices to the internet or other networks using cables. Most commonly these networks will use cables connected to Ethernet ports on the network router on one end, and to a computer or device on the opposite end.

Why choose a wired connection?

First of all, a wired connection will enable increased security, control and also reliability and speed. Although using a wired connection might not seem as savvy or advanced as wireless because it uses older technology, it can be a superior choice when it comes to protecting your data. If you regularly handle sensitive digital information, it is strongly advised that you choose a wired connection.

Most significantly wired connections are faster and more consistent. This is largely because upload and download speeds are unaffected by the environment as no other devices can interfere with the connection, as with WiFi. Additionally keeping the connection wired also ensures that you don’t get any unauthorised users or devices accessing your network and this, in turn, will increase security to a level that simply having a password can’t achieve.

A bonus is that it’s also relatively cost effective, even though the length of the cables often needs to be quite significant, the overall price of the cabling is affordable.

Ultimately there are three main reasons for choosing a hard-wired network solution: speed, security and stability.

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