Power up your outdoor event

Are you an event professional organising an outdoor event this Summer? One of the items on your project plan for the event whether it’s a wedding, a music festival, summer show or charity fundraiser will be the power supply. Without this, you don’t have an event. So what do you need to consider?

You’ll need to assess the venue when you are reviewing the power requirements for your event. Think about how remote is the area and how will power be provided to the area. Can the event be run from mains power or are generators required? We can advise on these aspects when you are selecting a venue to help you decide if it is workable. You will also need to look at the layout of your event – you will need to plan where everything is going including caterers, lighting, first aid station etc. This will help our contractors work with you to plan the power for each element of your event.

If you have a team working with you on the event you will need to ensure their safety is considered. Employers have a responsibility to provide their employees with a safe environment to work in and ensure the equipment they use is safe. This is why it is important to work with an experienced contractor for your temporary site electrics. The Cooper Weston team can work with you on your plans from start to finish, arranging for your event to have exactly the power required safely and efficiently.

Make a list of the equipment requiring power and consider is this just your equipment or are there other parties involved in the event who will also require power e.g. exhibitors, performers, caterers etc? Remember that if suppliers are bringing their own equipment requiring power then this will need to be PAT tested prior to use at your event or we can do this for them. You will need to let people know that this is a requirement of their attendance.

If you require CCTV and have emergency requirements such as power for exit signs in the event of an emergency then these items need to go into your plan. By documenting all your needs we can ensure everything is covered and your event runs smoothly; even if there is an issue outside of your control and you need to implement emergency procedures. We can draw on our experience of temporary electric installations and check you have considered every angle, even providing evacuation and intruder alarms if required.

The one thing you can’t plan for is the great British weather. You need to know the power supply will hold up against the elements and be protected from wind, rain and possible flooding. We can work on drainage to ensure water does not affect the supply and that cables and other electrical items are safe when if the wind does get up.

The risks are always higher at outdoor events with power due to the temporary nature of the arrangements. Here at Cooper Weston, we are experienced in providing temporary electrical installations for outdoor events. All our team are all highly qualified to NICEIC standards. Through our expertise and knowledge, we can ensure all health and safety requirements are met and British Standards are adhered to. This is key for public safety at your event.

To power up your next outdoor event, please call our team on 0800 669 6229 or email info@cooperweston.co.uk and see how we can help.

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