Top Electricity Saving Tips for the Workplace

Being an energy efficient business is important now more than ever, but it can be difficult to know how to adjust your business practices in order to save energy, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Take a look through our top tips of simple ways you can help your businesses reduce its carbon footprint and become more energy efficient:


Consider switching to LEDs and having your electricians install a timer system.


One of the most simple and effective tips for saving energy in an office is through lighting. Switch all lighting off in any rooms that aren’t being used and ensure all lights are turned off at the end of the day. If this is something your business struggles with, you can get a lighting system that has a timer with lights that turn on and off at certain times.

Another tip to save energy on your business lighting is to change the types of lightbulbs you use. Newer lightbulbs such as LEDs are far more energy efficient, saving five times more energy than standard incandescent bulbs, meaning they can reduce your annual lighting bill by up to 80%.

Eventually incandescent bulbs are going to be phased out due to how much energy loss they cause, so switching before this is advisable.


Be aware of standby power usage and create a habit of turning off computers.

Office Equipment

A lot of businesses and their staff members are known to leave equipment and computers on standby at the end of the day and overnight, rather than just turning them off. Leaving computers on standby means they are still using between 20-40% of their power, so by turning computers off fully at the end of the day ensures you save a significant amount of energy.

A lot of modern computers nowadays also have energy saving modes, so if this is possible for your business use these settings to ensure you are saving as much energy as possible.

Energy efficient appliances

During commercial installs we prioritise energy efficient practises and appliances.

When buying new equipment for your office, check the energy rating label on all appliances as this will reveal how energy efficient they really are. The Energy Star rating is an independent, government backed initiative that rates appliances based on their energy efficiency and is only awarded to products that adhere to their strict guidelines.

The better the efficiency rating, the more energy and money it can save your business over the course of its lifetime.

Upgrade electrics

Replace older electrics with modern, energy conscious electrics.

Sometimes it’s easy to be complacent with your current set up, as you know that it works and have become comfortable. However, if you are serious in looking for ways to make your business far more energy efficient, it is a good idea to look at replacing old equipment and fixtures with new equipment that is far more efficient and suited to your needs.

Contact us – free energy assessment

Our highly skilled and qualified team can help you make your business more energy efficient, through re-designing dated lighting systems and electrics. You can see some of our commercial redesigns here, in our range of case studies.

We know how important energy efficiency is, so we offer free assessments so that we can identify areas in your workplace that could be more efficient. If you interested in finding out more about arranging a free assessment, call us on 0800 669 6229.

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