Cost Saving LED Lighting for Schools & Colleges

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With budgets getting tighter and tighter for educational establishments, it is becoming more important to find cost saving techniques to ensure the budget can stretch as far as possible.

Traditionally, a huge expense for education centres is lighting – schools generally have a large number of rooms, multiple lighting points and large halls to keep lit. One of the main ways that schools and colleges can save money is through upgrading their current lighting to far more energy efficient bulbs.

Discover why your school should upgrade to LED lights and the benefits this brings:

LED lighting

One of the most efficient and widely available lighting options are LED lightbulbs. They use far less energy than other bulbs on the market and are instantly bright, compared to older energy saving bulbs which take ages to brighten up a room.

Here are the main benefits to replacing your lighting with LED bulbs:

Cost reductions

The biggest benefit to schools is a serious cost saving as these bulbs use far less energy, resulting in far lower energy bills.

Whilst the initial outlay for LED bulbs may seem expensive, in the long run your school can save dramatically on the cost of electrical bills and the light bulbs will end up paying for themselves.

Energy efficiency

LED bulbs use far less energy than their counterparts, especially fluorescent bulbs which use a lot of energy. When working with schools, we have seen reductions in energy consumption by 50%.

Not only does this help to save your school costs, but it also reduces energy loss and your carbon footprint, helping protect the environment.

Long lasting

Far more long lasting than other bulbs, LED lights are known for lasting for years and years (around 50,000 hours). This seriously reduces the maintenance that needs to be done on the lighting and once again reduces the costs for your school.

Our lighting installations typically come with a 3-5 year warranty, giving you peace of mind that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we will be there to help.

Improved learning environment

LED bulbs produce a more natural light, rather than the stark lighting from fluorescent bulbs or the yellow lighting from older bulbs. This makes it easier for pupils to concentrate whilst in class, makes it easier for them to read the board and the work in front of them.

Upgrade your school’s lighting

With the summer holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to start planning upgrade work for your school. Our team has worked with many schools across Sussex, Surrey and London to help them upgrade their lighting and save vital costs.

Read our case study about how our team helped Southwater Infant Academy to reduce its energy consumption by 50%.

Please get in touch with our team on 0800 669 6229 to find out how we can help your school with its lighting upgrades.

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