Big Infrastructure: Your Data Cabling Needs

When it comes to investing in company infrastructure, one of the key areas businesses are now looking into is their data cabling needs. Whilst this may not seem like something that can impact your company, having bespoke data and network cabling is extremely beneficial and vitally important.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to data cabling, so using our expert knowledge, we have put together this guide with all you need to know about data cabling, its benefits, and how it can help your company grow.

At Cooper Weston, we have years of experience in installing data cables and have worked with companies of all sizes to meet their communications needs, including ongoing maintenance. Call us on 0800 669 6229 to enquire about our services.

The benefits of data cabling for large businesses


A bespoke data cabling solution would give you a far more reliable connection that isn’t vulnerable to drop outs and signalling issues or interference. This means you and your team can work far more efficiently and effectively.

With large businesses, you need to be able to rely on your infrastructure in order to provide an effective service for your customers. At Cooper Weston, we use only the highest quality, long lasting, durable materials which means not only can you give your clients the service they require, but you can do it at a far greater speed and for longer.


Wired, bespoke cabling solutions are far less likely to experience security breaches than other solutions. This means you can relax in the knowledge that yours and your customers data is safe from any potential hacks or security issues.

With data hacks becoming such a big topic over the last few years, giving customers this peace of mind can be the factor that keeps them with you for longer.

Higher performance

Having your very own professionally designed and installed cabling system means you get a far higher level of performance. As the network is designed exactly for your requirements, it’s able to withstand the large number of users you have and at a much higher speed.

Wired ethernet connections are known for producing faster data transfer speeds, so you and your team can complete tasks more efficiently.

The cables themselves are also of better quality, meaning they will perform optimally for longer than wireless solutions.

Bespoke to your business requirements

Getting your very own data cable network designed means that it will be bespoke to your requirements. This allows you to have a network that is exactly what your business needs and performs exactly how you want it to.

Our expert team will work directly with you to design and plan the perfect system for your needs. We will provide the best solutions for your business and can even provide ongoing support if needed.


It can be extremely costly if you don’t have a network that supports your business properly. This can cause staff to become unproductive and customers to get frustrated when there are issues, especially if they are continual.

When choosing the right company to undertake your data cabling needs, you need to ensure that you’ve chosen a reliable and fully qualified company. Without this, it can become an expensive experience, as this type of work is very skilled and high risk. Without the right team behind you helping, you can end up in a worse off situation than before.

Choosing an electrical company that is NICEIC and CHAS approved gives you peace of mind that the work you are having done is to the highest standards and very cost effective.

Our work

At Cooper Weston, we are able to offer customers the full package, including design, installation and ongoing maintenance and support. This gives you peace of mind that no matter what happens, we will be there to help you with all of your data cabling needs.

We are CHAS and NICEIC approved contractors with a team of highly skilled and experienced workers. You can depend on us to provide you with high quality data cabling needs that stand the test of time.

Most recently, our team was trusted by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to upgrade their data cabling to fibre connections. They wanted faster speeds, greater security and better stability for their communications. Find out more about how we helped them achieve all of this by installing overhead fibre cables here.

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