Big Infrastructure: Your Data Cabling Needs

Big Infrastructure

When it comes to investing in company infrastructure, one of the key areas businesses are now looking into is their data cabling needs. Whilst this may not seem like something that can impact your company, having bespoke data and network cabling is extremely beneficial and vitally important. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution…

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Why Telecoms Companies Should Work With CHAS Approved Technicians


As a telecoms company, there are a range of benefits to your business when you work with CHAS approved electricians. Discover what is it and how it helps here: What is CHAS? CHAS, or The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, is a third party scheme that assesses contractors and their health and safety compliance…

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Top Electricity Saving Tips for the Workplace

Office Electricity

Being an energy efficient business is important now more than ever, but it can be difficult to know how to adjust your business practices in order to save energy, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint. Take a look through our top tips of simple ways you can help your businesses reduce its carbon footprint…

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New builds: from temporary site electrics to full installations

Since 2012 we have been preparing newly acquired developments with temporary site electrics. This is a service we pride ourselves on and have become well known for in the Sussex, Surrey and London areas. However, there is more to our services than simply maintaining and securing a site which is due to be built on….

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Cooper Weston Become CHAS Accredited

Chas Accredited Health and Safety

We are delighted to announce that this month, Cooper Weston Electrical Contractors Ltd became accredited with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) after demonstrating compliance with, and sound management of the current health and safety legislation. We join a select group of approved contractors who have met the high standards needed to be…

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Why businesses should choose hardwired solutions over wireless


The way we access our information in the modern day is incredible and in the last decade especially, our methods of staying connected have drastically changed. Using wires and cables to connect to the web has become a thing of the past and everyone at home and at work has an intense ‘need’ for WiFi;…

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What are LED bulbs and why should your business have them?

LED bulbs

Interior lighting for offices is an opportunity to improve the productivity of employees, save energy and create a stylish space for your business. It’s important to seek out the best lighting for your company as it can affect how your staff feel and first impressions with clients. If you’re interested in cutting waste, saving money…

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The warning signs – When to call commercial electrical contractors

Commercial Phone Call

In the UK workplace roughly 1000 accidents are reported each year involving electric shocks or burns to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Unfortunately, around 30 of these end up being fatal. These statistics are a strong reminder that maintaining your electrical system is extremely important, both for business owners and employees as everyone has…

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