Luxury lighting for home remodelling

Lighting in luxury apartment

Whether you’ve lived in your property for a number of years and are after a refresh or you’ve recently bought a house that needs some TLC, remodelling your home is a fantastic way to bring life back to the property and give it a fresh lease of life. At Cooper Weston, we’ve helped on many…

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How to make your office more energy efficient

Row of lightbulbs

With modern technology taking over most of our day to day lives, it’s no wonder that office electric bills are soaring and energy consumption is on the rise. More of us are switching on computers, printers, lights and phone chargers than ever; despite regular warnings in the media that we need to be more energy efficient…

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Top tips for a more energy efficient home

large energy light bulb

During the colder months, we can be forgiven for ramping up our central heating systems at home and in turn, receiving energy bills that are higher than average. Britain is decidedly cold at this time of year but there’s a constant reminder in the media and from local councils that we need to be more…

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Christmas Lighting Safety Tips

Christmas Lights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and yet each Christmas, approximately 350 people in the UK are injured by putting up their Christmas tree lights. Don’t risk ruining your festive holiday by following our simple Christmas lighting safety tips this season: Safe storage Remember last January when you packed up your tree lights…

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Electrical Safety in the Home: Tips & Advice


The number of serious injuries caused by electrical faults or mishandling around the home is staggering; hundreds of fires are attended to in domestic premises each year and there are reportedly 28 fatal electrocutions and electrical burns each year in the UK.

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