Cost Saving LED Lighting for Schools & Colleges

School Classroom

With budgets getting tighter and tighter for educational establishments, it is becoming more important to find cost saving techniques to ensure the budget can stretch as far as possible. Traditionally, a huge expense for education centres is lighting – schools generally have a large number of rooms, multiple lighting points and large halls to keep…

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Security Lighting – the Benefits for Construction Sites

Construction Site

If you’re undertaking any construction work, it’s a good idea to add security lighting to your site. Whilst this is not an essential, it is worth considering as it can give you, your workers and your clients peace of mind that everything on site is safe and secure. Here’s some benefits of why you should…

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How Your Office Lighting Can Effect Your Employee Productivity

In recent years, there has been a shift in the look and feel of office spaces, with large companies such as Google and Facebook investing in unusual workplaces which are designed to help employees feel and work at their best. However, businesses don’t need to invest heavily in new office spaces to increase employee well…

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Is it time to upgrade your commercial lighting?

commercial lighting

With recent innovations and the rapid developments in technology for commercial lighting, now is the time to review and upgrade your business lighting system. This will ensure your lighting systems meet required regulations and are as cost effective and environmentally friendly as possible. Here at Cooper Weston we are full scope NICEIC electrical contractors and…

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Power up your outdoor event

Outdoor Event

Are you an event professional organising an outdoor event this Summer? One of the items on your project plan for the event whether it’s a wedding, a music festival, summer show or charity fundraiser will be the power supply. Without this, you don’t have an event. So what do you need to consider? You’ll need…

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What are LED bulbs and why should your business have them?

LED bulbs

Interior lighting for offices is an opportunity to improve the productivity of employees, save energy and create a stylish space for your business. It’s important to seek out the best lighting for your company as it can affect how your staff feel and first impressions with clients. If you’re interested in cutting waste, saving money…

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