CCTV Installation

Recently, we were instructed by a large housing association company in London to install CCTV into their office building and ensure that all cameras could be monitored in a dedicated area.

The aim

  • Install CCTV system safely and securely
  • Train staff on monitoring the cameras
  • Ensuring cameras can be viewed in one dedicated area

The Cooper Weston team worked quickly and efficiently across an afternoon to get everything up and running, as well as to make certain all users were competent in how to use and monitor the CCTV systems.


Core works completed

Our fully qualified team have an expert knowledge in installing CCTV operations into a range of buildings and were able to use this specific skill set to give the client the best possible visibility from the cameras.


The work undertaken included:

    1. Wiring six new CAT6 outlets from the cameras into the dedicated comms room, where the CCTV was going to be monitored
    2. Installing a new dedicated CCTV patch panel to house all the cables for the new CCTV units

CCTV Patch Panel

    1. Setting-up a dedicated computer system and monitor for users to access the CCTV records and monitor activity

CCTV Comms Room

  1. Installing six new CCTV cameras across the building
  2. Commissioning the new CCTV units and final checks for all installations
  3. Handover of the new system to staff members and giving them a rundown of how the system is used
  4. Tidying up all mess; hoovering in the areas of installation and clearing all rubbish

Shane Weston, Cooper Weston’s co-owner says, “ensuring your business has a trustworthy CCTV system that actively monitors your building is an absolute essential in this day and age. Not only is CCTV a great way to catch incidents on camera, it also deters crimes altogether. Having a good quality system in place gives you and your business peace of mind that is protected 24/7.”

CCTV Monitor

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