Lighting up Pall Mall

On the north side of Pall Mall, one of St James’s most prestigious addresses is situated the newly refurbished 18-19 Pall Mall. This modern and luxury office on the corner of St James’s Park and Green Park, offers open plan accommodation, with several meeting rooms, a kitchenette, shower, and toilets.

Pall Mall Offices


The Aim

As part of this refurbishment, our team installed power and re-used existing lighting, ensuring each of the six offices, toilets, shower room and main office space had sufficient lighting and ample sockets for office use.

This involved using a variety of light fittings to suit the different interior environments to ensure they were all fit for purpose.


The 888 sq ft office space required considerable electrical upgrading with a short turnaround to launch as a modern office space.

Core Works Completed

The purpose of the space demanded a new data and comms cabinet, power and repurposing of existing lighting. New partition walls were built to accommodate six meeting rooms and a kitchenette, therefore the current lighting required reconfiguration to give each room sufficient light.

Comms Cabinet at Pall Mall JobElectrical sockets were fixed around the office space to provide easy, discreet access to mains supply around the new layout.

The standard requirements of the project required 12 days and the Cooper Weston team completed all elements within the timescale.

Specialist Requirements

Simplicity and minimalism were requested for this refurbishment. Every room required the same energy efficient lighting, so PIR motion sensors were installed and linked to the existing lighting throughout the property. This ensured that no light energy wastage occurs when rooms are unoccupied. As you move from room to room, the sensored lighting turns on and off, as required. This is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective as it will save money on energy bills.

Furthermore, electrical sockets were installed in the vicinity to wall brackets for electrical screens to be positioned and utilised.

Cooper Weston owner Shane Weston states, “We are specialists in high-end office refurbishment projects and have worked on many central London jobs since the company began.

This particular client has appointed Cooper Weston for a variety of office refurbs and we continue to commit to and deliver on quick turnaround to projects, such as this office at Pall Mall’.


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