Green light bulb

A proactive approach for a brighter future

Did you know that LED bulbs can be up to five times more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs? Installing these bulbs in your office or home could reduce your annual lighting bill by as much as 80%. At Cooper Weston, we know the importance of this and how being energy efficient could save you money in the long run.

Being energy efficient is important now more than ever. Our highly skilled team at Cooper Weston help businesses and organisations like yours to become more energy aware by fully re-designing old-fashioned and dated lighting systems to bring them up to date and make them more efficient. This positive change not only impacts on the environment but could also help you benefit financially.

Cooper Weston are constantly on top of the ever-changing world of energy efficiency and are experts at providing energy saving solutions to the workplace. If you think it’s time to invest in the future with low energy lighting, it’s time to call Cooper Weston.

By working closely with our carefully selected suppliers, our team, who are all fully NICEIC qualified, will design and install new cutting edge LED technology that’s not only efficient but cost-effective and in line with various health and safety regulations.

We’ve worked across London and the South for years to bring energy efficient solutions to a whole host of workplaces: from Horsham, Crawley, Brighton & Hove to Guildford, Worthing and Shoreham. No corner is too far for us to reach and we’ll always talk extensively with you ahead of any new project to ensure we’re sourcing the best solutions for your business.

Free energy assessment – discover how and where efficiencies can be made

Because we know that energy efficiency is imperative, we offer free assessments to scope out what needs doing to make your workplace more efficient. Some of the advice we give costs nothing to implement but the rewards will be great – both to you and the environment. Our aim, quite simply is to save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and become environmentally friendly.

Customer review

“We originally employed a project management company to design the new desk layout for our office premises. They introduced us to Cooper Weston as they had worked with them on a number of other projects. They helped us install new power and data. We recently added in a few extra desks, so asked the guys to come back to add some additional sockets. While the engineers were here they suggested giving us a quote for upgrading our lighting to LEDs.

Stuart met with two different lighting companies, he was then able to give us one price to both supply and install all of the new lighting. After they talked us through the cost savings we went for it. The office has never looked better. We highly recommend anyone considering upgrading lighting to talk to Cooper Weston.”

– Customer in Streatham, London

If you want some advice on energy saving at your business and wish to discuss the solutions available to you, call the Cooper Weston team today on 0800 669 6229 or email


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